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  • What types of opportunities are available ?
    If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or entering a team, please contact Kristen Tardif at or at 780-296-3380.
  • How can I help these organizations If I cannot attend this event?
    Both charities except both monetary and in-kind donations!
  • What is Odyssey House?
    Odyssey House is a non-profit organization and registered charity. They provide safe, secure, and supportive accommodation for women and their children who are victims of domestic abuse, are in crisis, or in need of a housing alternative. Odyssey House is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ​ In the 2022/2023 year, They supported 246 women and 197 children at their emergency shelter. They facilitated 137 groups attended by 770 people. Their Trauma Counselors provided 728 hours of therapy to 131 individuals. The second-stage shelter, Serenity Place, supported 19 women and 22 children. Odyssey House had 2,040 calls to their 24/7 crisis line. Public Education delivered 371 presentations, with a total of 5,613 individuals in attendance. Odyssey House was also present at 21 public engagement events. ​ Odyssey's Childcare Support Team supported 328 children through their childcare programs. 10,449 hours of trauma-informed programming were provided to the children accessing their programs. visit for more information!
  • What is Sunrise House?
    Sunrise House provides emergency shelter to youth ages 12-17 who have become or are at risk of becoming homeless. They provide a safe and supportive environment encouraging healthy decision making and to strengthen coping skills. Youth come into their care for many reasons including family violence, addiction in the home, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, sexual exploitation, and family breakdown. Each story is as unique as the youth who tells it, therefore individual case plans are created with each individual. Sunrise House is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week – while in shelter youth are provided with food, clothing, and personal care items. Visit for more information!
  • How Do I Enter the Tournament
    $1,250 entry fee per team of four players. Must register by emailing Kristen Tardif at to secure a spot. If you are a $3,500 and up sponsor, one team of four players is included, names of each of your four team members must be emailed to Kristen.
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